Social Media Marketing in Birmingham

Social Media Marketing in Birmingham

Engage with, and grow your audience, personally

Social Media Marketing allows you to connect with your audience personally, gain traffic and benefit from influencers.

Using Social Media marketing is a great way to increase engagement amongst your fan base. By engaging with your fans you increase your brand engagement and also benefit from Social Influencers who bring warm recommended traffic & leads to your business.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is very entwined with Search Engine Optimisation as SMM can provide an extra boost to your SEO efforts. Along with this, many users are using social networks as search engines to discover new content.

Social Media Marketing will increase:

  • Social Media traffic

    Laser focus your traffic and zoom in on your ideal prospects. Facebook allows you to target people not only by location, but age, job, interests + more.

  • Social Media reach

    With social media advertising being so cheap, you can reach a wider audience for less. Benefit from social media influencers at no extra cost.

  • Social Media enagement

    Social Media allows people to see your adverts and branding messages a lot more. Social Platforms allow you to target your campaigns for specific outcomes allowing you to get the exposure and results that you want.

  • Social Media awareness

    Get in front of a new audience. By targeting people based on existing customer profiles and other demographics, you can increase awareness of your brand/product/service to a wider audience.

  • Social Media Sales & Leads

    Social Platforms are now optimised to drive traffic to your sales page or take the sale through their own platform.

Be at the forefront of your prospects mind

With so many people spending so much time on Social Media, it becomes the ideal place to advertise.

If someone visits your website without taking action – You can retarget them on Social Media.

If you are looking for more customers – You can automatically profile your existing database and build ‘look alike’ audiences.

Social Media Marketing allows you to always be at the forefront of your target audiences mind.

Some of the social platforms we work with are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Why use Social Media?

Social Media is consistently growing year and year and more and more people are spending them time across different social networks. With this growth, we are seeing a wider range of people across all age ranges now use social media, giving advertisers a broader market segment to reach.

Facebook are the kings of social media advertising and hold so much valuable data on users that can be accessed for a relatively very small fee.

No matter if your audience isnt on Facebook, we have experience reaching audiences across Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat



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Social Media Management In Birmingham

With so many people now on Facebook and so much data available for advertisers, Facebook is the #1 platform for social media advertising. Whether you have a product to sell marketing message to reach the masses or just reach those people who visited your website and didn’t act – Facebook is the ideal platform.

If you are looking to reach other businesses an do B2B marketing then Linkedin is the platform to you. With its global network, Linkedin allows you to target your ads to people in specific countries and by role and company size.