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Drive targetted traffic to your website with a bespoke digital marketing strategy to increase your conversions, sales & leads.

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Take a look at our digital marketing services below including SEO, PPC Management and Social Media Marketing. Our digital marketing agency in Birmingham help companies get more exposure online and found by their perfect audience. Coupled with our web design service, digital marketing can generate you a measurable ROI.

Once your website is designed, developed and launched you may require some assistance getting your website off the ground and appealing to your core audience and finding new audiences that you may have not known existed. Our digital marketing services are sure to get you in front of the right people and deliver a measurable return over vanity metrics.

Our digital marketing services span different areas and include SEO, PPC and Social Media advertising. When used as part of a fuller omni-channel marketing approach your results can be far more exponential than using a platform on its own.

If you are looking to get to the top of Google, then our Search Engine Optimisation service could be perfect for you. Using only the latest white hate techniques we have an excellent track record getting our client websites to the top organic spots in the google search results.

Pay Per Click advertising, such as Google Adwords allows you to pay to have your ads shown at the top of Google search results for your chosen keywords. Other PPC platforms include social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – With PPC advertising you can target your ideal audience with laser focus.

Social Media is a great way to reach new audience, look-a-like audiences and also great to market to existing clients. There are a number of ways that our digital marketing experts can advise you on reaching your ideal audience of social media to ensure every penny spent works as hard as possible for you and your business.


SEO Agency Birmingham

SEO is the art form of getting your website to rank at the top of Google and be found by your ideal target market – bringing more targeted traffic to your website.

Come and check out our SEO service and see how we helped 95% of our clients rank in the top 3 positions on Google.

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PPC – whether that be Google Ads or Social Media advertising is a great way to get your adverts seen across the web and drive highly targeted traffic to your website – Paying only when they click on your ad.

PPC helps keep your budget under control and holds every pound spent accountable.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Reach your existing audience and a whole new audience you didn’t know existed across social channels.

Facebook and other social media platforms allow you to reach you audience with pin point accuracy whilst keep costs to a set daily budget.

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